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因为.data()不会设置data-*的属性值. 尽管.data()获取的数据初始化自data-*属性, 但在添加和修改的过程中不会改变元素的data-*属性. 正确的做法是使用.attr()方法.

JavaScript 中双感叹号运算符的作用与 PHP 中boolval()函数作用类似, 如以下语句等价:

let a = !!test;
let b = test != null ? true : false;

// Make an HTTP redirect in JavaScript


// Link to a new page in JavaScript

window.location.href = "";

How do I redirect to another page in JavaScript/jQuery?


You can convert a string to an integer using the built-in parseInt() function. This takes the base for the conversion as an optional second argument, which you should always provide.

什么是node, npm和nvm

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